Monday, 10 December 2012

AtaMe featured at "Too Sexy" Magazine

Christmas is time for presents, goodies at the table, fireplace, snow, Santa Claus andddd...... sexyness!!

And thats exactly what "Too Sexy" Magazine bring us. Lots of tips to make your Christmas more cozy, with cuddles, lots of love and a bit of spice in it.

You can't miss this month's issue, and even better cause Atame is in it :D

So grab this link and check out the magazine, excellent work I am sure you will make it your monthly reading :))

Candy Cane girl

This month's group gift couldn't be sweeter. A Candy cane dress with some sugary topping skirt, so YUMMY so mellow.... Why not surprise Santa and offer him some candy... The poor man needs some sugar for sure, to get back his strength ... 

Last month's special offer, only for group members, ended and the group fee was lowered again.  

So come and grab this sexy outfit. It is transfer so can make it an awesome christmas gift.

I am sure you will get everyone stick to you ^^

Victoria Red, set them on fire!!!

After the huge success that was the remake of Victoria Black, now is time for the red version to come out too.

The lines are basicly the same at both outfits, tho the bra for Victoria Red is different and I added some gloves to it too.
In what concerns to the rest the changes are basicly the same of Victoria Black: the system skirt is gone and the shines were remade.

The result is a shinny sexy, damn hot outfit, perfect if you want to give a kink twist to the season ;)

Check the picture bellow, and you know already: The version sold at the marketplace is copy and the one at our store inworld is transfer, just need to decide what you want :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dea.. cozy sexyness

I know AtaMe is more about latex. But now and then I see some design and I just... must... have.... to do something like it.

Was the case with Dea.

A sexy and cozy.. (yes, cold days arrived at this part of the world), long dress, that makes you look very elegant and irresistible.

The warmth of the wool gives that feeling of hug and cuddle by the fireplace, but the teasing strategic cuts, plus the long lines at the waist gives other kind of ideas :P

You can be sure this will be one of your greatests acquisitions. 

We also have a Catsuit only, option. Same warmness and sexyness in a more sportive look.

Hope you like it as much as I do :))

Monday, 19 November 2012

Luna renewed

Was about time that I put my hands at Luna and do the changes I was wanting to do for so long... what was the problem??? same old same: system skirt :|

Yeah that thing that most people complaint that makes their butt look HUGE.

Could have done it in mesh?? yush... but this humble friend of yours is still eye measuring that freaky thing (have to learn it from scratch .. but.. I WILL :P)

While me and mesh are still choosing weapons, I have to pull my creativity and make old outfits look the best with the tools I have. Sooooooo... Luna's system skirt is gone and the outfit turned into a stunning white latex gown with hood, very slavish. 

The gag comes with the outfit, full perms and free, as the will stated by the maker at the time she put her things available to everyone.

Hope you like the new look of Luna and have fun with it :)

My Poison

This time I have for you two colors of the same outfit. A cute dress with stockings and short gloves that would make you look like a sweet doll if.... if wasn't the gas mask :P

This mask gives this design that wicked look turning you into an enigma for everyone else... Perfect I would say ^^

The mask comes with breath sound animations and steam effects and has also a resizing script that you can delete after you are done with the fitting.

The balloon skirt is a mix of sculpt prim and flexi prim: the sculpt for latex and flexi for the lace ruffles to give that light and movement effect.

As always you can have this outfit either copy or transfer depending on your preference: copy, if you buy it on marketplace and transfer if you tp to our store inworld. Either way, is an outfit with AtaMe's quality :) 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Elle Aquamarine, just for group members

As previously announced, members of AtaMe's group, now and then, will have a surprise just for them.

And here's the first one: Elle Aquamarine. A long, baby blue gown, very elegant and sexy. 

So, this month, those that didn't join the group yet, will find a joining fee, roughly, the price the dress will be once the promotion is over. Next month the fee will return to it's usual value of 15L.

Hope you like it :)) 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

AtaMe at Dark Refuge fetish fashion week

Yesterday I was surprised with a very uncommon IM. Cosma Ferina sent me a SOS. She was hosting a huge fetish event at her club, the Dark Refuge, and at the last minute one of her sponsors had to jump off. So she asked me if I would like to join... off courseeeeee!! :))

So here I am.. here is AtaMe.. tonight at one of the most, if not the older, club on SL: 5 years... what a victory for any club on SL :)

Tonight you can give a jump there and try to win one of the three costumes AtaMe gave for this event, and at the end of the week there will be a mega fashion event with tons of fetish cool things too see. 

You are all invited!!!!

Hope to see you there.

Hugs, Milu

Liquid latex for him

For him??? Yes for him.... I hear all the time: "there's not enough clothes for guys on SL.... creators forget about us..." and so on .. so on.. I have them complaining.. whining . ripping their hair off...  LOl.. joking... well kind off :P

but yes is true, there are TONS of things for women and not that much for guys. So I decided to give it a try.. am feeling brave.. yush :)

So starting I present you the male version of our liquid latex outfit, the special for halloween. Hope you all like it.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cursed!!! for halloween.. but not only....

Few weeks ago I saw a video about liquid latex and was dazzled by it. Took note of the site where the video was, put a link for it on our FB page and made mental note, would do something inspired by that later.

Days passed and I was tossing and turning to decide what to create for halloween. Wanted something a bit different from all that orange and witch things seen all over, something that would be spooky and sexy at the same time... but... what??

That's when the image of liquid latex came to my mind again... black... had to be black... and all those drippings at the body.. like paint, face too... (start imagining someone pouring it on you?? hehe).... then the paint drying and turning in to rubber, like a second skin, adjusting perfectly to the body curves...

Well sounded perfect.. not only I would do a nice halloween outfit as I would give latex lovers something they could use other days, and not needing to buy a halloween outfit and have their money stuck just for that day :P

And I really liked the effect .. think this will be the first of some liquid latex designs. Hope you like it too and grab yours at our main store or marketplace :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Femdom Hunt III

The third Femdom Hunt starts tonight and I am pretty sure some are looking at the clock threatening it, trying to make time run faster :)

At AtaMe we just finished to box the last items and pretty soon will put it in place.

The hunt is an adult-themed hunt which, as the name implies, is aimed at the Second Life Femdom community.

Basicly, female Dommes and female and male subs will be chasing the gifts... and hardly any of them have common interest in the clothes :P sooo.. decisions, decisions.. how to make it fun for everyone???

Well.... plain simple... making gifts for all of them :)

So yes!! We do have three different boxes at the shoe, no, not christmas yet... the shoe is the object, chosen by the organisation, that you have to find to get your gift :) 

And talking about the hunt organization.... during all this past month they were unbeatable checking everything and making sure things would work right. I do congrat them for the excellent work :)

The Femdom Hunt III will run from October 12th to October 29th, inclusive,and you can check all about it at the official blog.

For now.. just have a look of what AtaMe prepared for the event, hope you all enjoy it :)

Have a awesome day and don't forget to make life great :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Two cat suits as gift this October

Zhari line was born due to a suggestion of one of AtaMe's costumers. Every now and then I have a nice surprise with Ims saying nice stuff about the store and the designs, and it really feels great!! So I thank you all :)

But not only, with some of those messages I also get some nice suggestions. And Zhari Line was one of those: a cat suit that allows you, not only to wear your favourite latex, but also show your wonderful back tattoo... what about that?? ^^

And even better... this two cat suits: red and black, are this month group gift. So during this month you get to wear your latex, show your back tattoo and have two cat suits for FREE... something else you need?? (hum.... yes we have cakes and tea and goodies served at the store, nice view too :P)

Enough babbling... I leave you the pic of October's gift and a "limo" to the store :) 

Have fun, and make life good :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

And now..... lets bring out that fetish side....

Collaring ceremonies,such and important mark in a D/s relation. A day full of meaning and importance, filled with meaningful symbols of union.

Thinking about that, AtaMe created a fetish ceremony dress. Shinny, tighten, red latex transformed in a rich gown with a fluffy, "Cinderella" type skirt and.... a hood. Nods, a hard, kink, fetish symbol... a red latex hood.


Monday, 10 September 2012

September's group gift

As many of you know, AtaMe is participating at Moolto's sisters hunt. Therefor I decided to make a package of two similar outfits, both for the hunt and for our group gift.

I took inspiration at some fresh and funny textures and went for a 50's beach wear outfit, with a personal vinyl touch :)

So, if for Moolto we have "Lola", for AtaMe's group gift we have "Gina". The design is the same but the textures are different, better grab both and chose your favorite :)

Also, for all the new people joining AtaMe's group there will be a small joining fee. The intention is to bring benefits to all of those that, loving our designs, stay loyal to AtaMe, same is to say.. stay in tune for cool surprises :).

For now, check the picture and grab the link and give a jump to AtaMe's main store to get your gift.

Have a great day all :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lets go out to some special place tonight....

Opera, just the name itself suggests class, elegance.... The mystery of a "Phantom of the Opera", the seduction of a "Carmen", the elegance of a premier....

Invite that special person for a special night, filled with sophistication and seduction, put on this stunning gown made of shinny latex and lace and don't forget the mask for that mystery touch.

And at the end of the night, let the dress fall on the floor to reveal a seductive lingerie set.... the rest is up to you.... ;)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Constrict V2

I always liked Constrict, always liked the design and the mask detail, but I knew I could make it even better.

If there's one thing I hate is to see costumers buying something that deep inside I know could be improved greatly, makes me shiver at my desk, lol

And as time goes by and I learn new technics is easy for that to happen.. I always look at older designs and think.. ohh I could change that, or could take this, or add something. 

So, when I put up the new building for AtaMe's store I took some designs off sale and put them at my "to improve" list.

And the first one to come out was Constrict, basically what it needed was just some work with the shines and there it is: new, sexy and irresistible. 

Check out the "before and after" pics, so you can judge for yourself :) 


Friday, 31 August 2012

New group's policies

As previously announced, our group's policies will change already in September.

As you all know, AtaMe's group gifts are made with extreme care and attention to detail. In fact, this gifts are made having in mind to be sold after the promotion for the group ends. 

But the truth is that our loyal friends, those that really like AtaMe and follow us and stay with us no matter what, have no advantage to stay in the group, part the fact that they know first hand the promotions, new releases and what is going on at AtaMe's world.

Thinking about this I decided to put a joining fee at the group, however, the cost of the fee will change depending on the gift or special promotion.

Regularly, the price of the fee will be 25 lindens. but..... and here's the better part :)), on special occasions, we will present our group members with a new release, a design of the top range  of AtaMe's boutique, like a dress that you can find for 400, 600 or more lindens. During this special promotions, the fee cost will be the same of the present's price, if bought in normal conditions, so you better be at the group already ^^. 

So lets get some points clear :)

- This new policy will start at the first 10 days of September, no special day defined yet, and will start at the same time the new gift will be on.

- No, we wont put as special gift/promotion outfits that we have already for sale. All designs will be made fresh new.

- Also, during the promotion, the new release, can only be acquired by joining the group, meaning: wont be as group gift and for sale at the same time, plus, the time for the promotion will vary. 

- After the promotion is over there will be no other option for acquiring the product other then buying it.

After all said and done, pass the word to your friends so they can join our group while is still free :)

Have a wonderful day :D


And whats better to show all the corners of a new store that a hunt??

Can think of a guided visit... but..... a hunt will do for now :P

Well, AtaMe has scheduled two hunts for September, and the first one is Moolto's, starting already tomorrow, 1st of September.

So leaving you here the picture of our gift. As always designed exclusively for the event, a beach wear outfit with a 50's touch: Lola!!

New and Fresh!!!

September is right around the corner, vacations, for most of us, are over, kids are going back to school or yourself are going back to school. Batteries are recharged and days are still warm (at least at this corner of the globe).

Time to renew our promises of a better life and restart the path leading our dreams.

And this is also the time of the year when I have a tantrum and toss the old store down and make something new, better and fresh. Thinking to myself this new building will last longer then the other one, but hey... thought that about the other one too... right???...

Ermmm.. never mind :P 

The important thing is that AtaMe has a very nice store to welcome you, a brighter design and other perspective, I changed the dark walls for white ones with some elegant brick spots here and there, ethereal passages and tons of light, and yes... we have stairs this time too .. lol

Also I kept that special spot for relaxing, have a yummyyy piece of cake and just sit enjoying the view and our stunning water fountain... and while your there you can scroll our bloggers board and see their wonderful work.

I am sure you will give us the honor of your visit. But for now have a first look at our pictures :)

Hope you have a awesome day :)

Relax and enjoy the view having a piece of cake and chatting with your friends

Dare to explore behind the building?? :)

This relaxing spot is also our bloggers corner. Don't forget to check their work!!

The entrance hall, where you can find our group's gifts and also the guests  book,
 please leave your comments there :)

The entrance for the bridal room

Go upstairs :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

August's group gift

Well, vacations for me are over and, with them, lazy days.
But I came back full of ideas and with renewed energies to keep giving my costumers what they deserve: the best :)

And nothing better to start then a new gift, August's group gift. This time I thought of a latex outfit made of two pieces, nice and fresh perfect for this summer days.

The white, asymmetric top opens at the right side showing the belly, flowing down to your hips at the right side, matching perfectly with the chess micro shorts.

So hurry up and come grab yours at AtaMe's main store

As you know the gift is transfer and, therefor, only one per person, but this also makes it great for guys to come by and take advantage of this opportunity to surprise your friends or that special person :)  

Monday, 16 July 2012

Victoria - a burlesque outfit made of latex

Victoria was a line I made like three years ago, and for the time was something quite innovating. But time passed and things evolved on SL. And so are we!!
As you all know I am picking some designs I think are worth and renewing them. Now was Victoria time: the system skirt is gone and at it's place I put some tinny shorts. The texture of the prim skirt was changed too and the shines at the entire outfit were remade. The pasties disappeared to give place to a bra and also the hat had some new shines. The result is a pretty changed outfit but still with that burlesque look that defined Victoria.

For now only the black version is out for sale, I took off the red and sugared pink ones so that I can make some improvements on those too. They will be available as soon as possible.

Meanwhile check out the transformation on Victoria Black, and come to the store grab the transfer option or to the MP if you prefer it with copy permissions.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soooo hot it melts all around!!!!

For all of you that known AtaMe for some time, you will remember the "Strap" dress. One of our best sellers, loved and hated at the same time.

The kinky design of the dress along with it's elegance made it loved by fetish community, but, to have this design it needed a system skirt, with all the down side of it.

Many of my costumers suggested me to do a cat version of this dress and.. I did :D
it keeps the same design but the skirt disappears to give place to some tight pants always with the buckles and the straps and naked butt.

The price is the same of the dress so now you can chose between them both. 

The original version with the system skirt will stay for sale too. Call me sentimental :P but I can't take it out. Besides... I still think it has it's charm if you go more for the idea of the design and don't bother so much with the system skirt.

However, I came out with another dress for this version. Covered the lower part of the straps at the back of the legs and added a flexi prim latex skirt coming out with a sexy fetish gown.
Shiny and tight to the body as latex should be, warping you in a gown that will make you look like a million dollars latex Goddess. 

And that's it for today. The summer is here and the days are brighter, take advantage of it and make life good!!!

Have a great day, hugs... Milu

July's group gift - Disco Fever Aquamarine

The third and last of Disco collection and, I must admit it, my favorite.
I was having a true creation crisis when I sat to create this month's group gift, had no ideas.. everything I was doing wasn't good enough, almost punched the comp...
But.. somehow... I pulled the fabric here and there and the idea for this short dress started to get shape. Step by step it was appearing before my eyes and I was loving it. 
After, I didn't even notice time passing and before I could realize Aquamarine was ready and soooooo cute :)

And you know what you have to do to get it: just come to our store in world, activate your group tag, or join AtaMe's group in case your not in it already, and click the display.
This gift is transferable, so heads up guys, a very nice gift you have here, your chance to make an excellent figure and for free ;) 

Have a great day all :D 

Bring me to life

I know.... I know..... during a lonnnggg time AtaMe's name was just associated with latex. Now we have diamond gowns, casual wear dresses as gifts and ermmm gorean outfits???

Well if "Bring me to life" is a gorean outfit or not, will depend on the user. To me is a dress created with nature as inspiration. That primitive feeling of bare feet on moisten grass and dirt. The aroma of fresh woods after a rainy night, natural materials that would allow us to get dressed... and so much more....
A return to innocence to our primitive instincts, to the most original state of mind...

A unique and original creation for those that like special designs.

And according to my costumers feedback is very wearable and demands for no editing time the two sizes flexi prim skirts makes it possible to fit properly as soon as you wear it.

Have a good day all and remember...... make life good!!!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Camelia..... just because is sunny :)

Well at least here is sunny :P

And at this side of the world summer started few days ago. Time for pool parties, picnics, going to the beach and so many more good thingies we use to do when days are brighter and long.

To be honest with you all, I don't know what to call my creation tendency lately. Is a big huge mess, from latex to diamonds and, imagine, crochet dresses. Neat eh??

Well I can't help it, I like to do what I find pretty, sexy or just teasing, depending on my mood.

This time I saw some crochet dresses and just screamed to myself, "I have to do it!""

And I love the result!!

Grabbed a mesh skirt.. hum.. yes mesh :P and cut cut cut... take this, put that, and Camelia was born.

The hat at the pic is non rigged mesh too, but, for all of you that frown to mesh I added a prim skirt good old SL stile :)

Making the hat fit good with the hair was also a challenge. While doing this outfit I even spoke with few people about it and we babbled about how good it would be if hair makers made a hat option version with bald top skull so we could fit our favorites hats without having to loose our patience.

But hey, nothing is lost. I was lucky to find a hair that fitted pretty good just by pulling down and in front, but if you are feeling brave enough and have building skills, try to copy your favorite hairs, wear the copy with the hat, so you wont damage the original, and try to move, unlink and delete the extra straws. Might be that, in the end, you will have your own exclusive "hair for hats" folder :)

I hope you enjoy this fresh dress as much as I do :)

Have a great day, and make life good!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

She uses them and toss them out, and wearing mesh now :P

Ok lets talk about mesh!!!

By now everyone knows what mesh is and the things that we can do with it. Mesh entered Sl as a great improvement and novelty and, as everything that is this different, some love it and others hate it.

In what concerns to me, I'm not a great mesh enthusiastic. I do think it can be used and make the difference in certain occasions, but at the right proportions. 

For instance, mesh and avatar physics... is a no!! If you tried to wear a mesh top with bouncing breasts, you will know what I am talking about, besides, I can't really see the advantage of mesh itself just for tops that are supposed to be tight to the torso. For that, the regular layers work just fine. 

Getting away from what is my department, clothes, mesh, many times count a lot more prims then the regular sculpt for the exactly same building, with the down side that if you have to make that building bigger, the prims will increase even more.

True that I've seen very cool creations using mesh, including at the fashion department, the texturing is fantastic and the shape is very agreeable. But honestly, I do hope they come out with mesh deformer soon, mesh is beautiful yes.... but so is your shape!!

Now, skirts and dresses, as I said, the texturing and shape is very nice, but I do prefer the flow and movement of a prim skirt. The way I see it, the flow of a prim skirt moving around while dancing is one of the trade marks of SL and mesh now reminds me some women or men that make some plastic surgery to correct something they think is ugly at their face and they end up losing that thing that even "ugly", or not so perfect, is what gives them that special touch that makes us love them.. (not very sure if I made my self clear, that's one of the problems of not writing in our main language :P). Is more a less like Barbara Streisand correcting her nose :P 

But, as I said at the beginning, I do think mesh has it uses and that is perfect for some situations, and in what concern to system skirts is a nice improvement. 

Soooooooo...... for all of those that flooded my IM's asking for mesh, here it is: Frenchy, a vintage looking outfit, using a latex mesh pencil skirt. 

As always you can find the DEMO at our MP store, where you can also buy Frenchy with COPY permissions. But if you prefer to buy clothes with TRANSFER option, you can give a jump to our main store in world and get yours.   

Monday, 4 June 2012

Who misbehaved???!!!!

"She entered the room and stood there facing you with her cold eyes. She wanted answers for her questions, and the look in her face let no doubt she would have them one way or the other!!!"

Dry Martiny is dusted cleaned and renewed. This is other of my creations for Dommes and by looking at it, no doubt it will help you create the perfect environment for your role play.

The lines are strict but elegant, and the mask adds that extra refined touch of mystery.

You can have it with transfer option by buying it at our store in world or with copy permissions by buying it at our store on marketplace. This way you can chose what fits better your interests.

Have a great day all and make life good!!!!!