Friday, 22 June 2012

Camelia..... just because is sunny :)

Well at least here is sunny :P

And at this side of the world summer started few days ago. Time for pool parties, picnics, going to the beach and so many more good thingies we use to do when days are brighter and long.

To be honest with you all, I don't know what to call my creation tendency lately. Is a big huge mess, from latex to diamonds and, imagine, crochet dresses. Neat eh??

Well I can't help it, I like to do what I find pretty, sexy or just teasing, depending on my mood.

This time I saw some crochet dresses and just screamed to myself, "I have to do it!""

And I love the result!!

Grabbed a mesh skirt.. hum.. yes mesh :P and cut cut cut... take this, put that, and Camelia was born.

The hat at the pic is non rigged mesh too, but, for all of you that frown to mesh I added a prim skirt good old SL stile :)

Making the hat fit good with the hair was also a challenge. While doing this outfit I even spoke with few people about it and we babbled about how good it would be if hair makers made a hat option version with bald top skull so we could fit our favorites hats without having to loose our patience.

But hey, nothing is lost. I was lucky to find a hair that fitted pretty good just by pulling down and in front, but if you are feeling brave enough and have building skills, try to copy your favorite hairs, wear the copy with the hat, so you wont damage the original, and try to move, unlink and delete the extra straws. Might be that, in the end, you will have your own exclusive "hair for hats" folder :)

I hope you enjoy this fresh dress as much as I do :)

Have a great day, and make life good!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

She uses them and toss them out, and wearing mesh now :P

Ok lets talk about mesh!!!

By now everyone knows what mesh is and the things that we can do with it. Mesh entered Sl as a great improvement and novelty and, as everything that is this different, some love it and others hate it.

In what concerns to me, I'm not a great mesh enthusiastic. I do think it can be used and make the difference in certain occasions, but at the right proportions. 

For instance, mesh and avatar physics... is a no!! If you tried to wear a mesh top with bouncing breasts, you will know what I am talking about, besides, I can't really see the advantage of mesh itself just for tops that are supposed to be tight to the torso. For that, the regular layers work just fine. 

Getting away from what is my department, clothes, mesh, many times count a lot more prims then the regular sculpt for the exactly same building, with the down side that if you have to make that building bigger, the prims will increase even more.

True that I've seen very cool creations using mesh, including at the fashion department, the texturing is fantastic and the shape is very agreeable. But honestly, I do hope they come out with mesh deformer soon, mesh is beautiful yes.... but so is your shape!!

Now, skirts and dresses, as I said, the texturing and shape is very nice, but I do prefer the flow and movement of a prim skirt. The way I see it, the flow of a prim skirt moving around while dancing is one of the trade marks of SL and mesh now reminds me some women or men that make some plastic surgery to correct something they think is ugly at their face and they end up losing that thing that even "ugly", or not so perfect, is what gives them that special touch that makes us love them.. (not very sure if I made my self clear, that's one of the problems of not writing in our main language :P). Is more a less like Barbara Streisand correcting her nose :P 

But, as I said at the beginning, I do think mesh has it uses and that is perfect for some situations, and in what concern to system skirts is a nice improvement. 

Soooooooo...... for all of those that flooded my IM's asking for mesh, here it is: Frenchy, a vintage looking outfit, using a latex mesh pencil skirt. 

As always you can find the DEMO at our MP store, where you can also buy Frenchy with COPY permissions. But if you prefer to buy clothes with TRANSFER option, you can give a jump to our main store in world and get yours.   

Monday, 4 June 2012

Who misbehaved???!!!!

"She entered the room and stood there facing you with her cold eyes. She wanted answers for her questions, and the look in her face let no doubt she would have them one way or the other!!!"

Dry Martiny is dusted cleaned and renewed. This is other of my creations for Dommes and by looking at it, no doubt it will help you create the perfect environment for your role play.

The lines are strict but elegant, and the mask adds that extra refined touch of mystery.

You can have it with transfer option by buying it at our store in world or with copy permissions by buying it at our store on marketplace. This way you can chose what fits better your interests.

Have a great day all and make life good!!!!!

Friday, 1 June 2012

June's Group Gift

Our group gift for this month is already at the store.
I decided to make a three dresses collection for "Disco", they look pretty fresh to me and very wearable. Simple design but sparkling texture.

Remember, gifts are transfer and therefor perfect to be gifted to friends or that special person. 

Also, AtaMe's gifts are a special treat to our costumers, they wont be set as gift always, they are made as items that will be sold. You have the opportunity to get them free for a month if you are at our group :).

I'll let you with "Disco Fever Topaz" picture, and hope to see you around at the store.

Have a great day and don't forget.... Make life good!!!