Friday, 31 August 2012

New group's policies

As previously announced, our group's policies will change already in September.

As you all know, AtaMe's group gifts are made with extreme care and attention to detail. In fact, this gifts are made having in mind to be sold after the promotion for the group ends. 

But the truth is that our loyal friends, those that really like AtaMe and follow us and stay with us no matter what, have no advantage to stay in the group, part the fact that they know first hand the promotions, new releases and what is going on at AtaMe's world.

Thinking about this I decided to put a joining fee at the group, however, the cost of the fee will change depending on the gift or special promotion.

Regularly, the price of the fee will be 25 lindens. but..... and here's the better part :)), on special occasions, we will present our group members with a new release, a design of the top range  of AtaMe's boutique, like a dress that you can find for 400, 600 or more lindens. During this special promotions, the fee cost will be the same of the present's price, if bought in normal conditions, so you better be at the group already ^^. 

So lets get some points clear :)

- This new policy will start at the first 10 days of September, no special day defined yet, and will start at the same time the new gift will be on.

- No, we wont put as special gift/promotion outfits that we have already for sale. All designs will be made fresh new.

- Also, during the promotion, the new release, can only be acquired by joining the group, meaning: wont be as group gift and for sale at the same time, plus, the time for the promotion will vary. 

- After the promotion is over there will be no other option for acquiring the product other then buying it.

After all said and done, pass the word to your friends so they can join our group while is still free :)

Have a wonderful day :D


And whats better to show all the corners of a new store that a hunt??

Can think of a guided visit... but..... a hunt will do for now :P

Well, AtaMe has scheduled two hunts for September, and the first one is Moolto's, starting already tomorrow, 1st of September.

So leaving you here the picture of our gift. As always designed exclusively for the event, a beach wear outfit with a 50's touch: Lola!!

New and Fresh!!!

September is right around the corner, vacations, for most of us, are over, kids are going back to school or yourself are going back to school. Batteries are recharged and days are still warm (at least at this corner of the globe).

Time to renew our promises of a better life and restart the path leading our dreams.

And this is also the time of the year when I have a tantrum and toss the old store down and make something new, better and fresh. Thinking to myself this new building will last longer then the other one, but hey... thought that about the other one too... right???...

Ermmm.. never mind :P 

The important thing is that AtaMe has a very nice store to welcome you, a brighter design and other perspective, I changed the dark walls for white ones with some elegant brick spots here and there, ethereal passages and tons of light, and yes... we have stairs this time too .. lol

Also I kept that special spot for relaxing, have a yummyyy piece of cake and just sit enjoying the view and our stunning water fountain... and while your there you can scroll our bloggers board and see their wonderful work.

I am sure you will give us the honor of your visit. But for now have a first look at our pictures :)

Hope you have a awesome day :)

Relax and enjoy the view having a piece of cake and chatting with your friends

Dare to explore behind the building?? :)

This relaxing spot is also our bloggers corner. Don't forget to check their work!!

The entrance hall, where you can find our group's gifts and also the guests  book,
 please leave your comments there :)

The entrance for the bridal room

Go upstairs :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

August's group gift

Well, vacations for me are over and, with them, lazy days.
But I came back full of ideas and with renewed energies to keep giving my costumers what they deserve: the best :)

And nothing better to start then a new gift, August's group gift. This time I thought of a latex outfit made of two pieces, nice and fresh perfect for this summer days.

The white, asymmetric top opens at the right side showing the belly, flowing down to your hips at the right side, matching perfectly with the chess micro shorts.

So hurry up and come grab yours at AtaMe's main store

As you know the gift is transfer and, therefor, only one per person, but this also makes it great for guys to come by and take advantage of this opportunity to surprise your friends or that special person :)