Monday, 30 September 2013

New colours for Checkmate

This simple and cute outfit from AtaMe has somehow enter the hearts of all our costumers. The lines are simple, but it keeps that sexy appeal not only for the latex as for the cut of the shirt and shorts.

With this in mind, I decided to bring you more colours for this design and a special Halloween orange version :)

You can find this outfits at our mains stores at Second Life and now also at InWorldz

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Is "Spicy".. the new gift from ~AtaMe~

Is about time that a new gift comes to our store walls... But run to grab it because the gift for Halloween is already ready to go.

All you have to do is join tp to our main store in Second Life and now too our main store at InWorldz, join ~AtaMe~ group and get your new set of sexy lingerie 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lana .. and she dance the night away

I have to say I am drooling at the shines of this new generation of AtaMe latex.
The liquid fluid, shiny effect came out pretty pleasing... You tried the white one?? no?? well you should :P Is really my favourite, and my costumers know I don't say this in vain.

But ok, Lana do not have a white version, still has a Yummy orange that just looks.... humm.. YUMMY :D

I call this my night out outfit. Is classy, elegant.. but hell is naughty.. had to be.. right?

Check it out at the pictures bellow and grab our Taxi for the main store to get yours, or... if you feeling lazy.. just the link for our store at Marketplace 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Vamp Cat Suit Line

All that know me, know that I am constantly trying to improve, finding new ways of doing my creations and give you my best quality work.

Also, for all those that follow AtaMe more closely, you know that my latex production has been a bit on stand by...

There is a reason for it... been figuring out, not only how to make mesh fit as better as possible but also to improve all latex texture so that a new age of AtaMe latex textures can come to all of you.

The first one coming out with this new look is Vamp Cat Suit. Inspired at one of our best sellers with few changes and a stunning latex texture.

Three colours for you and among them white... Yes I finally managed to make a latex white that pleases me, not looking like grey latex but keeping the shines. Check for yourself..

Hope you enjoy it :))

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Collection ... All for FREE :)

Got your attention?? :)

I just made a collection of 5 bikinis, well at the beginning was to be just 4, but then I couldn't resist the colour combination of one of them :)

The best thing is, during August, they are all up to grab for free. Yes you read right, FREEEE, just different ways to get them.

So let me start by telling you how..

First.. a bundle of three

~AtaMe~ Retro Feeling
~AtaMe~ More then Candy
~AtaMe~ Read me a line

All of them are free for group members :)


~AtaMe~ Dot, dot, dot...

This one will be given to you as you enter the store, is an exclusive for Fashioncentric: the orange board also at the entrance. Just don't forget to give us a rank.. be gentle and give a 5 stars one ;)you know we will sort things for you if you have problems at the store :)

Third and final, but not least

~AtaMe~ Ice Cream Delight

This one you will be able to get if you join the D2B Hunt. The sign is at the entrance of our store at the patio close to the fountain and there all the info you need

SOOOOOO now tell me what are you waiting for??

Click the link and come to our store get your goodies and don't forget to show us some love with a nice 5 stars note :D

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Xendra so sexy you have to have it!!

I know... 
latex too :)

Lately I've been turning myself to Role Play creation and had some of my latex costumers asking if I stop creating latex. Answer is NO!! But some how I was needing this new creative insight.

Good thing is, some of the designs I have in my mind for role play can be easily used with latex too, and I must say I am pretty happy with the result I got with Xendra. 

At the role play area you have two options, Black and White leather outfits with chain collar and belt. A mix between sexy and fierce that results perfectly.

The latex version comes in Black and Red, I tried to make it white latex, but haven't found the right proportion to make the shines look realistic on white, so to have something out that doesn't look perfect to me, I prefer to not do it.

BUT..... the red one came out soooo yummyyy... *grins*

Come by to AtaMe's store in world, or to the marketplace and grab the one you like most... or... all of them :)


Mandala full outfit, the promo item of Di'Jan Line

After we made the Mandala for 24h/24l event, I knew I had to add something else to this outfit and make it available for all our costumers. So I created some leg warmers and cute bangles to complete the look, joined a dagger to hide at the warmers and be ready for use, and there we go...

A simple fur outfit for every panther that likes to look good without empty your wallet, Mandala can be yours for only 99 L and with all the quality you are used to get at AtaMe.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mandala, the newest design from AtaMe at the 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN

Heads up you all!!

This Saturday you will have the incredible opportunity of finding many great creations at the price of 24L. 

Yes... you read correctly... 24L. It's the *24H x 24L HOURS OPEN* event and at AtaMe you will find, not only this cute bodysuit for 24L as you will find the subscriber that will give you a list with all the stores participating.

But..... check out the pic of the outfit and more detailed info bellow :D

---------------- 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN --------------- 

- What is 24hx24L? 
It's the event where you can find many creative Designs-Outfits-Objects at only 24 Lindens for 24 hours.
- How does 24hx24L work?
Every Friday at 24 pm (SL time) you will find in each of the Stores an Ouftit-Design-Object for just 24L and it will remain at that incredible price for 24 hours, until 24 pm on Saturday.
- How can I know which stores are participating and what things are they offering?
You have two ways to do it.
1. You can subscribe to the event panel you'll find here or at participating stores each week:
With this option you will receive a weekly notice informing of participating stores & designs, it is not necessary to join the group.
2. You can join the 24hx24L GROUP here:
secondlife:///app/group/f02019ae-e363-997d-1a4a-2b31232f96cd/about (Copy & Paste this link in your chat history to Join the 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN GROUP)
With this option, in addition to receiving the list, you will receive notices of various participating stores, their deals and releases.
You can always join the Facebook Group here: to follow us offline.
You decide what suits you best!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

She Huntress, when women go hunting...

A long skirt made of soft fur, combined with the bra, is the perfect outfit for those fierce women that hunt at the forests. 
At their waist they carry leather straps with few items that could be handy: a short dagger, a coin's pouch, some pins and even a slingshot to catch that stubborn bird that doesn't want to end in a plate as barbecue :P
The arms are warped with more leather straps, giving that extra touch to the general look of this feisty woman.

Just grab a bow or a spear, and there you go... ready for whatever challenge you need to face... the weak ones will run in fear and the strong ones will fall at your feet, dazzled by the power that comes from your presence. 

The skirt is mesh and comes in three sizes, the top is normal layer and also comes with lolas appliers.
Belt, accessories and arms straps are sculpt and have recizing script.

A different design with realistic textures that you can find at our main store in world or at marketplace.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lolas Appliers for Mesh Boobs

Ufff... took me tons of time, but finally all AtaMe products are updated with Lolas appliers, both in world and Marketplace.

Also, all our smaller stores spread all over sl have them.

More then 100 designs, made 3 times.. lol.. wasn't really a small task, but hey.. couldn't let you all down. 

For those that already bought our outfits, and don't have the appliers, you can find them free at our main store. Just tp there and check the ad of the outfit you have at your wardrobe, close to it is a little sign with the appliers you are looking for, buy it for 0L and.. voila.. you are updated :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Night Call, ready for the night :))

A long skirt, a bow tied at the waist and a short top leaving the bottom part of your breasts out, are the three pieces that make this outfit.

A simple design, yet, very sexy, made of stunning latex with realistic shines designed specially for all latex lovers out there. 

The skirt is rigged mesh and the bow is non rigged mesh but still worked to move perfectly with your body. Both colors come with Lola's appliers even if not shown at the picture.

So grab it at our main store or our marketplace store, and go dance the night away at all the Spring parties all over SL :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Clearance Sales

Too many changes around... the mesh.. that I am still fighting with.. but pretty close to win the battle :), a new line of clothes and.... a new store :D

Sooo.. of course... I start looking around and realizing some things must GOOOO...

Pretty soon I will have new and better designs for you, and some of the old simply do not fit the new turning point I am giving to the brand.

So if you want to get some of our designs at an incredible price, this is the time for you to jump at our main store and get them!! 

I will leave you here some of the designs that will soon disappear from our store, so this will be the last change you have to acquire then.

Hope you have fun shopping :D 

AtaMe is renewed

Honestly, I can't say how long our last build was up.... I think was far less then the normal. 
This time, I think, my urge for change kicked in a lot sooner.. but oh well... a woman has to do what a woman has to do :P

Is very true that having my friend, Selene (haley.ah, around, made things even faster. She is a great builder and we had that kind of deep conversation.. like.. "hum.. I think I need a new store".. to what she answered..."ok.. I'll do it".. and then, of course.. hours of detailed programming in which she asked me what were my visions for the new build... My answer resumed.. to... "surprise me :)".. laughs... the next minute she was at AtaMe's land... demanding fast for the LM and land group.. and.... next morning this awesome store was up... Geeeee I want to wake with this kind of surprise every morning :D

Yeah I know... I am babbling, AGAIN..*grins*

Anyway, drop by to see the amazing building Selene did, I am almost positive you will love it. :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Donna, simply... Kink

And mesh again.... Donna a slim tube dress... ending right above the knee, with a thick knotted collar, also in latex, adding that surprise factor and kink effect.

I must say.. I'm not surrendered to mesh... thought it would help me to put in practice all my creativity but was a huge disappointment. Hours spent with rigging, turning down creations almost at the ending phase, feeling frustrated with the struggle that it is to make mesh fit the avatar right or move smoothly without polys poking through. 
Found out after many tries why so many creators chose to not do the inside part of clothes, but that is simply not for me.. at least not at those parts you can easily see the transparency.

I hope.... just hope that mesh deformer will come soon and..... in better conditions than what we have now. Personally.... I'm not trusting it much.

But... not everything was wasted time :D I learnt tons of new techniques  and for that my huge thanks to my friend Idus *hugs*. Meaning I will try to make a mix with mesh, sculpt, layers clothes and primmy stuff and hopefully get back to my usual timing with new releases and gifts.

Meanwhile.. check our latest creation.. and also the price at our main store or marketplace.. is Yummy 

Hugs... Milu :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Verna, the first of Di'Jan Line

AtaMe is entering the world of role play. Inserted in a group that is creating a line called Di'Jan Line.

As for now, this line of products will be pointed towards Gorean Role Play, But who knows what might come next ^^.

And no, we are not stopping to do our latex creations :) just expanding.

To start this new adventure, we chose a Panther outfit. A short dress made of furs of animals that any panther would hunt herself. 
The jewelry part of it consists in an arm and leg piece made with ropes and stones.

The dress is rigged mesh, while the jewelry are non rigged mesh. The fur of the arm and leg are made of simple layers, and this is an outfit you can find in five different textures.

Also, you can try the demo of the mesh parts at marketplace.

I'll leave you with the pictures of Verna in all it's versions. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January's group gift

This month, the group gift came out a bit later than usual. That's the downside of learning to make something from zero. 
As you all know I am new to mesh, and the truth is that I still bump a lot during the fabrication process. If to this, you add the fact that I am a perfection maniac... well.. you have tons of time to do something new :P

And honestly, with the way LL have mesh working at SL, perfection is kinda utopic, and stubborn as I am... well you can guess all the frowning and mumbling and so on... :)

But, eventually, things fall into place and I can give you something new.

So here it is: January's group gift. An asymmetric, shiny latex dress made in mesh. And this month, only for group members, meaning: the costing fee to join the group is the price the dress will actually cost once the promotion is over.

Now I will stop babbling and will let you with the picture :)

Hope you enjoy it

Friday, 4 January 2013

My Mesh's Muse

I think the name for this dress is perfect. Not only it fits the elegant design as defines the need I had for a muse to adventure myself in mesh's world.

And my great help came on a figure of a good friend and I need to thank him lots cause without him I would still be bumping against the walls of 3D programs.

But fortunately, he came at my rescue and here it is our first mesh design: a long fetish dress with a abnormal tight waist to give that kink constriction feeling.

Hope you enjoy it so much as I did doing it... ok... you can pass without the frustration and headaches but the final result was really worth it.

I leave you with the pictures and wish you all the best of the best at this new year :)