Monday, 10 December 2012

AtaMe featured at "Too Sexy" Magazine

Christmas is time for presents, goodies at the table, fireplace, snow, Santa Claus andddd...... sexyness!!

And thats exactly what "Too Sexy" Magazine bring us. Lots of tips to make your Christmas more cozy, with cuddles, lots of love and a bit of spice in it.

You can't miss this month's issue, and even better cause Atame is in it :D

So grab this link and check out the magazine, excellent work I am sure you will make it your monthly reading :))

Candy Cane girl

This month's group gift couldn't be sweeter. A Candy cane dress with some sugary topping skirt, so YUMMY so mellow.... Why not surprise Santa and offer him some candy... The poor man needs some sugar for sure, to get back his strength ... 

Last month's special offer, only for group members, ended and the group fee was lowered again.  

So come and grab this sexy outfit. It is transfer so can make it an awesome christmas gift.

I am sure you will get everyone stick to you ^^

Victoria Red, set them on fire!!!

After the huge success that was the remake of Victoria Black, now is time for the red version to come out too.

The lines are basicly the same at both outfits, tho the bra for Victoria Red is different and I added some gloves to it too.
In what concerns to the rest the changes are basicly the same of Victoria Black: the system skirt is gone and the shines were remade.

The result is a shinny sexy, damn hot outfit, perfect if you want to give a kink twist to the season ;)

Check the picture bellow, and you know already: The version sold at the marketplace is copy and the one at our store inworld is transfer, just need to decide what you want :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dea.. cozy sexyness

I know AtaMe is more about latex. But now and then I see some design and I just... must... have.... to do something like it.

Was the case with Dea.

A sexy and cozy.. (yes, cold days arrived at this part of the world), long dress, that makes you look very elegant and irresistible.

The warmth of the wool gives that feeling of hug and cuddle by the fireplace, but the teasing strategic cuts, plus the long lines at the waist gives other kind of ideas :P

You can be sure this will be one of your greatests acquisitions. 

We also have a Catsuit only, option. Same warmness and sexyness in a more sportive look.

Hope you like it as much as I do :))