Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Glam, for Moolto Sisters Hunt

Just finished the item that will represent AtaMe store at Moolto's hunt. The date to start is 1st June and I am sure will be another success. 

Get yourself ready, join Moolto group, if your not in it already. For now is free, but have seen that they will put a join fee pretty soon.

And while the hunt doesn't start I let you a preview of Glam Corset, AtaMe's "treasure" for this hunt.

Monday, 28 May 2012

DIamonds!!! Want!!

Those of you that follow my work must be thinking that I got diamond fever :)
And is kinda true...

Started with Naiade and that long gown that was so nicely accepted by you all and it went on...

Loved the texture and I simply couldn't drop the diamonds, diamonds everywhere.... and somewhere during this process I KNEW I had to finish with a wedding gown. Something dazzling and breathtaking, my own fantasy of what a wedding dress must be.

And here is "Eclipse"!!

The body is the same of my short cocktail dress, the way it embraces the breasts seemed perfect to me, so I had no doubts that was the upper part of this dream vision. Then the roses... black, rare and mysterious, warping the waist and hips in a very elegant design. Finally the skirt, some metallic grid, firm but flowing at the same time, glowing around the legs looking different and eye catching at each step, the tail dragging or moving around acting like a part of the goddess that you are, a diamonds goddess, ethereal...

Or maybe you prefer something more simple, more discrete, as much as a diamonds dress can be :P

But yes, those that would like to wear this design but do not pretend to be a bride in the near future, can do it with another version. The Eclipse Gown replaces the long tail by a skirt that follows the legs line not loosing the sensual flow and glamour, and also at a more affordable price.

And with this, I think I will close the diamonds fever, at least for now :P

Have a great day you all and make life good!!!

Just couse I like pretty :)

Going to the store, look around, raising an eyebrow and thinking.... "hummmmmmm, this outfit needs a new picture!!" ^^

And this was the time for the Cabaret collection. Hope you like them :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Domina, she got the power!!!

Yes, I try to create new designs as most as possible, but the truth is that I can't leave behind those that I think are really good and are loosing them self cause were made in an earlier stage, at the times I was still giving my baby steps with photoshop.
Call me sentimental, but the thing is really that, I cherish every creation, made with love and care. :P

Domina, I can't really say when I first created this outfit, I remember at first I created it with an greenish army style colour, but then a costumer gave me a heads up to do it black, and the effect was just exquisite.
Soon the greenish one was tossed to the memories closet and the black/white version ruled.

So what else could I do, but try to make it better again??

This outfit reminds me of some strict and dark library, a Mistress teaching her pupil with a demanding hand and........ well the end of this story is really up to you to decide. The outfit it self gives the opportunity of creating a long and teasing rp, the rest is in your hands now :)

However, for all of those that like the corset look and are not so much inn the Domme role, this time I put the lingerie set itself to be sold separately at a lower price. So if you like it you don't have to pay for the dress too.

In the end, I hope you enjoy so much to wear it as I did making it.

Have fun all, and make life good :)

Hair - Emo-tions

*The outfits at this pics can be bought with copy/no transfer rights at the marketplace (you can also try the demo there). Or no copy/transfer at our store inworld*

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Eclipse Lingerie Set

Yesterday, a costumer sent me a NC suggesting that I could take advantage of the Eclipse dress cut to make a nice bikini.
And you know what?.. She was right!!

I went to Photoshop right away and started cutting and making few modifications and in the end I was very pleased with the result. I had in front of me a sexy lingerie set that could also be used as bikini.

The way the metal grid warps around the breasts is beautiful and very realistic and the diamonds give it that extra glamour touch that turns this piece into a very exquisite one.

And for 150 L I think this can't miss at your wardrobe, never know when you gonna have that beach or pool party or even when that most intimate moment will appear making you surprise your partner.

As always you can find this lingerie set with transfer rights at our store inworld or, if you prefer, with copy rights at our marketplace.

Hair : EMO-tions

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tantrum Version 2

Tantrum is an oldie at AtaMe, a lingerie set that soon grabbed our costumers attention and preference. 
Just, lately, I was frowning to myself every time I noticed someone bought it. With the new technics I learnt, I knew I could do a lot better...
So, one day I had a tantrum myself and along with some other designs, Tantrum got out the shelfs and was sent to the makeover department. It would only see day light again when I considered was good enough for my costumers....
And after some hair pulling and threats to the computer I finally made it.
Tantrum got a new shine work and became a MUST HAVE lingerie set at any sexy woman closet.
It comes with two options: just the bra and panties look, or the tight corset worked with buckles at the front and back, allways with long gloves and stockings.

At the pictures bellow you can see what I am refering to and also check the diferences between the NEW Tantrum and the old one.

As you all know, but is never too much to remeber,Tantrum can be bought with Transfer rights at our store in world, or with Copy rights at the Market place.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Eclipse - Black diamonds beauty

Let me present you Eclipse, the newest creation from Atame.
A short cocktail dress made with black diamonds and metallic grid.

A beautiful dress made with extreme attention to details, since the use of the right shadow to the match of the textures. 

In my opinion, this dress will look breathtaking if used without the bra option. But, it wouldn't be so suitable for PG or Mature places. Anyway, I invite you to try it and judge for yourself. 
The right position of the grid makes it look like a delicate cage that embraces the torso and bosom in a stunning way.

The skirt is very cute and light. Two black strass roses and three feathers at the waist give it that final touch of elegance and glamour. 

With the dress you will find two bra options: a more opaque skin colour bra, and another one a bit more transparent to be used under the dress.

Hard to resist I would say :)

You can find Eclipse at our main store with transfer option or at the marketplace if you wish to buy it with copy rights or try the DEMO.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Disco Fever - Group Gift

May's group gift is already out.
This time we chose to offer you a green, fresh, sparkling dress, very short and with simple cut.
Once again, I remeber this gift is found only at our main store inworld, and you need to have AtaMe group's tag activated to pick it.
The dress is really cute and transfer. So even you guys can come to AtaMe and grab a Little treat for your loved one.

Also new, is the fact that all this gifts are items made to be sold at the store once the promotion month is over. Therefore, the bikini Naiade will be set for sale soon. 

Now you know you can really find good designs as gift at our store :)

Soooo, what are you waiting for? Click the link here and go, go, go, gooo.....

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AtaMe´s dolarbie - Kukla only at the marketplace

As we recently created our group's monthly gift, we also created a gift for all our buyers at marketplace.
The name is Kukla (doll in russian) and consists in a short baby doll type dress with two colours option: The black one, sophisticated and elegant that will suit for any occasion and the electrical red one perfect for some night at the disco.

I am sure you can't lose this offer and as it is 1L you can also send it as gift, surprising your friends and loved ones.

Check the picture bellow and click the MP link here to grab yours now.

Have fun and make life good :D