Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lolas Appliers for Mesh Boobs

Ufff... took me tons of time, but finally all AtaMe products are updated with Lolas appliers, both in world and Marketplace.

Also, all our smaller stores spread all over sl have them.

More then 100 designs, made 3 times.. lol.. wasn't really a small task, but hey.. couldn't let you all down. 

For those that already bought our outfits, and don't have the appliers, you can find them free at our main store. Just tp there and check the ad of the outfit you have at your wardrobe, close to it is a little sign with the appliers you are looking for, buy it for 0L and.. voila.. you are updated :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Night Call, ready for the night :))

A long skirt, a bow tied at the waist and a short top leaving the bottom part of your breasts out, are the three pieces that make this outfit.

A simple design, yet, very sexy, made of stunning latex with realistic shines designed specially for all latex lovers out there. 

The skirt is rigged mesh and the bow is non rigged mesh but still worked to move perfectly with your body. Both colors come with Lola's appliers even if not shown at the picture.

So grab it at our main store or our marketplace store, and go dance the night away at all the Spring parties all over SL :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Clearance Sales

Too many changes around... the mesh.. that I am still fighting with.. but pretty close to win the battle :), a new line of clothes and.... a new store :D

Sooo.. of course... I start looking around and realizing some things must GOOOO...

Pretty soon I will have new and better designs for you, and some of the old simply do not fit the new turning point I am giving to the brand.

So if you want to get some of our designs at an incredible price, this is the time for you to jump at our main store and get them!! 

I will leave you here some of the designs that will soon disappear from our store, so this will be the last change you have to acquire then.

Hope you have fun shopping :D 

AtaMe is renewed

Honestly, I can't say how long our last build was up.... I think was far less then the normal. 
This time, I think, my urge for change kicked in a lot sooner.. but oh well... a woman has to do what a woman has to do :P

Is very true that having my friend, Selene (haley.ah, around, made things even faster. She is a great builder and we had that kind of deep conversation.. like.. "hum.. I think I need a new store".. to what she answered..."ok.. I'll do it".. and then, of course.. hours of detailed programming in which she asked me what were my visions for the new build... My answer resumed.. to... "surprise me :)".. laughs... the next minute she was at AtaMe's land... demanding fast for the LM and land group.. and.... next morning this awesome store was up... Geeeee I want to wake with this kind of surprise every morning :D

Yeah I know... I am babbling, AGAIN..*grins*

Anyway, drop by to see the amazing building Selene did, I am almost positive you will love it. :)