Thursday, 23 December 2010

Just for Godesses - Strap

Look at me, devour me with your eyes, make me feel like a woman, feel beautiful. Come closer, touch me make me bend to your demands. Fill me with romance and lust, fill me with your more demanding thoughts.
Or .... no ... let yourself be there seeing me from far, wanting me without being able to touch me. I am the proud owner of myself and my body is just one more torment for you. Kneel before my beauty and give thanks every day for beeing mine.

can give myself completely and be a toy at your hands or be a Goddess and make you submit to my most secret desires. Don't try to understand me, you can't. Look at me just for who I am, a woman full of passion .... as the dress I wear, what you see on me will depend from the angle you look...

                                           Picture by DonnateIIa Calamari

Strap is a dress full of sensuality, nobody will remain indifferent when you use it. Perfect for surprising that special person or simply to feel... Divine. Find it in the usual place ... Or if you want to offer it to someone to visit our page in the marketplace just don't forget to enable adult content. You can also have the option of offering inworld, just send an IM to Milu Laval and I'll sort it for you.

Price: 250 L

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sexy as hell - Tantrum

The shadows of the night started to fade and the first rays of light began to shine mercyless, washing all monsters and creatures like paint draining down the walls.
They stood there, looking at eachother, no words needed. They knew well what the other was thinking, the images still fresh and their bodies still warm.
They also knew that pretty soon each one would follow her own way and probably never see the other again. But that night´s memories, populated with kink creatures and grutal sounds would hardly disapear...

Both women are dressed in black like images reflected. The shinny rubber molding bodies with perfect forms, a second skin, a constant caress...

Their choice: Tantrum, a tight corset which, defiant, let the nipples exposed, sexy panties, stockings and gloves. Also, with bra option for those that like to see a bit more of flesh. Another AtaMe creation, quality at good price, and that can be found also in grey.

Price: 400 L

Picture by DonnateIIa Calamari

Saturday, 11 December 2010

AtaMe's dolarbie.. linderbie.. whatever is a bargain

Late at night she climbs the city roofs looking for her prey... her sensual body, half warped in red rubber, making her an agile feline. She can't avoid to notice and to feel aroused by this constant touch at her skin, wille the exposed parts of her flesh are kissed by the fresh brise of the night. The hurge inside her for a victim or a lover grows... She's ready for this dance, a battle, a blured hot night.....

Dance, our dolarbie or linderbie or whatever you find more apropriated to call it is a nice cutted catsuit that will make you look good anywere. This outfit can be found only at AtaMe main store, so drop by and grab yours.

Credits: Skin - Tuli :: Jade (tone 1/rd) | Shape - Afrodite A2 shape | Hair - Magika - Rebel (B&W: White) | Shoes - B&G Woman Shoe Julia - Negro | Pose - Miamai_Model pose53
Lots of luv to you all


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Latex? AtaMe of course!!

Let me introduce you AtaMe.
A brand with more then two years now at SL and known of many for it's exculsive and diferent design.
Each outfit born from a fantasy, ideas developed to give you an awsome roleplay with that special person in a very pleasent scenario.
Dominant powerfull woman, girls that just appear to wash your car envolved in a pleasent rubber gear, submissive males with a touch of kink and perversity.... all you can imagine, has place at this kink's factory.

Now is time for AtaMe to have it's own blog. A place where you can follow us, know what we are the new releases, whats new with those things not so new or just put your ideas and toughts.
Will try to make of AtaMe's blog, not only a place with a list of all the cute sexy things you can find at our store but also post things related with BDSM and it's comunity. So if you would like to see an issue discussed just drop a line, ideas are never too much.