Monday, 8 August 2011

~AtaMe~ products can be found transfer or copy

We all know is not easy to please everyone, wille many of our costumers prefer to have their products copy so they can reasure delivering and make a copy in case SL acts (and we all know it does.... often!!!), others hate to get that special outfit stuck in an avatar not beeing hable to gift or change with others when they get tired of it...

Thinking about it, and trying to give a positive answer to ~AtaMe~ friends, we decided to give you all bouth options:
1 - buy the outfits transfer in world, at any of our second life stores
2 - buy the outfits copy at the market place (if you don't like to use market place and still want your item copy you can allways drop us a line and we will send it to you)

However, transfer items obey to special sale policy, make sure to read it here or grab your notecard at the main store.

1. Regarding Refund and Product Exchange

AtaMe products can be bought no copy/ transfer or copy/no transfer depending on wich option you like most. The copy/no transfer items can be bought at the Marketplace (search by the keywords Milu Laval and you will get right to the page. Make sure you enable adult content so that you can see all our offers)
The no copy/transfer items can be found at our main store or any of our secondary stores in world.

1. Regarding no-transfer products

* When no transfer products are not delivered due to Linden bugs and lag,
please send the following info in a notecard to Milu Laval .
We will resend you the product.
・Transaction history (transaction time and date, transaction number, product name)

* There are no refunds for wrong purchases unless the same item was bought more then once.
So please make sure that you thoroughly confirm the products and use the DEMOs, if available, before purchasing.
For a duplicated purchase do as described bellow:
           Please send the following info in a notecard to Milu Laval.
           ・Transaction history (transaction time and date, transaction number, product name)
           ・The name of the product which you would like to exchange it with.

2.Regarding transfer products

We are sorry but transfer products have no redeliver in any case. Unfortunatly ulterior experiences forced us to act this way.

Theres no refund on wrong purchases so please make sure you buy the item you want.
Double pruchases will only be refunded after the return of the items bought duplicated and if the complaint is present right after the double purchase.


In case theres any problem with your outfit please send a IM or NC to Milu Laval and I will see the best way to help you.
Notice that most prim work is modifiable or have resizing script so that you can adjust it to your shape.

Donno how to edit prims? check here:

You really damaged your clothe's prims... well don't panic IM us and we will replace the prim part of it only - not the entire outfit -  (please keep your transaction history if you want the prim to be replaced so that you can send us the details of your purchase)

3.Regarding Custom made products
no exchange at all on Custom products.  You have the opportunity to make changes as needed, however we do require a deposit when the order is placed.

!!Remeber allways that beeing civil is the best way to solve any problem. Our main goal is to keep our costumers satisfied within the limits of what is an aceptable critic or complaint. So please cooperate with us so that we can help you :)!!


No matter what, I hope you have an agreable experience at our stores : )

Luv, Milu

Thursday, 4 August 2011

~AtaMe~ new basic line - Beyond Amazing!!!!!

After our clearance sale, ~AtaMe~ released the new Basic Line: a full latex outfit with hooded cat suit, tight skirt and a sculpted vest, making it absolutly irresistible.
You can find it at the usual colours: black, red, blue, white and pink, and also at some cute cow version this last one without the skirt at the special price of 150 L.
All the others can be yours each for 199 L or you can get the fat pack for just 900 L.

Each detail of this Basicly line was carefully worked out and you can see for the shines that are absolutly amazing, so real you can feel it.

Ocio Xtreme Hunt

~AtaMe~ and S&Ink are participating at one of the biggest SL Hunts. Organized by Ocio Xtreme and with 84 cool prizes from the best stores on SL.
Come to AtaMe and check out the rules at Oxio Xtreme Board.