Monday, 19 September 2011

AtaMe is now on Facebook

So yes... we are there also... finally... :)
A place were you can easly talk with us, give your ideas, tell us what you like or don't like at AtaMe, or simply just chat.
Helps us make this an active page, go to
and do Like, we are waiting for you.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

"Life is a Cabaret"

And here it is: the new release from AtaMe. Cabaret is a sexy lingerie, with a funny touch. The white and black stripes give it a classy look and the zipper at the front adds that noughty touch.
The shines.... well..... check it yourself... all the outfit looks very realistic :)

As you know, our followers will have the advantage of getting the new realeases at a lower price for the 24 hours right after the release, as it will be first anounced at the blog and AtaMe group. Sp keep in touch and don't forget to join the group. The joining board is at our main store in world :)

But for now, delight your eyes with the pictures of our black & white Cabaret.....

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

~AtaMe~ Luna

Starting with the amazing *Luna*: a extreemly kink rubber outfit, very slavish, perfect also for collaring ceremonies. An answer to our latex lovers that complaint about AtaMe's vanilla stile :D.
You also can wear it in a more light version without the hood just wearing the pants and shirt layers.