Monday, 18 March 2013

Donna, simply... Kink

And mesh again.... Donna a slim tube dress... ending right above the knee, with a thick knotted collar, also in latex, adding that surprise factor and kink effect.

I must say.. I'm not surrendered to mesh... thought it would help me to put in practice all my creativity but was a huge disappointment. Hours spent with rigging, turning down creations almost at the ending phase, feeling frustrated with the struggle that it is to make mesh fit the avatar right or move smoothly without polys poking through. 
Found out after many tries why so many creators chose to not do the inside part of clothes, but that is simply not for me.. at least not at those parts you can easily see the transparency.

I hope.... just hope that mesh deformer will come soon and..... in better conditions than what we have now. Personally.... I'm not trusting it much.

But... not everything was wasted time :D I learnt tons of new techniques  and for that my huge thanks to my friend Idus *hugs*. Meaning I will try to make a mix with mesh, sculpt, layers clothes and primmy stuff and hopefully get back to my usual timing with new releases and gifts.

Meanwhile.. check our latest creation.. and also the price at our main store or marketplace.. is Yummy 

Hugs... Milu :)