Friday, 27 January 2012

Arinna - couse we all have a Goddess inside!!!

Arinna was the major cult center of the Hittite sun goddess, (tought to be Arinniti) known as Arinna "sun goddess of Arinna". Arinna was located near Hattusa, the Hittite capital.
The sun goddess of Arinna is the more important one of three important solar deities of the Hittite pantheom, besides Nepisas - "the sun of the sky" and Taknas - "the sun of the earth".
Her consort was the weather god, Teshub.
The goddess was also percieved to be a paramount chthonic or earth goddess. She becomes largely syncretised with the Hurrian goddess Hebat.
*taken from Wikipedia*

I trully belive that every woman has a goddess inside, you just need to look at all we do and all we are. And, for those wonderfull women, nothing less then a golden dress. The warm and glamourous color of the sun warping around curves and flesh.

Beliving in all this, the idea for Arinna Gown started to gain shape in my mind, but during the creative process couldn't resist as I was imagining all the variations this design could offer. So, in the end, I came out with, not one model, but three: a marvelous gown that will make you look divine, a mini sleeveless dress and a sleeveless catsuit, all golden, all amazing.
And you can see it for yourself with no cost, just grab the DEMO version that is available at the Marketplace.

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