Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On Stage

Skin: ::Tuli:: Jade (tone 1 /bl) :: 02
Shape: Afrodite by larita Beck
Hair: Truth: Marielle - espresso
Outfit: Arinna by AtaMe


Skin: ::Tuli:: Jade (tone 1/rd) :: 07
Shape: Afrodite A2 by Iarita Beck
Hair: Truth Hair - Riri
Lingerie: Night at the Opera by AtaMe

New Eternal

As many of our designs, Eternal line sufered a makeover, coming out even more stunning.
Other good thing about this line is that it has a DEMO version available at the Marketplace. Grabs yours and check it out with absolutly no cost.
AtaMe's products are COPY at the marketplace and TRANSFER at our stores inworld.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's day is special at AtaMe

After four years on Sl giving you a diferent way of wearing latex, AtaMe is going on a new adventure.
The brand is going to be restructured and we will give our custumers a wider range of stiles.

As my friend Deirdre once said, AtaMe's designs allways had their own personal way of creating latex clothes. A concept born with the idea of giving all latex lovers the oportunity of wearing their favorite clothes at any cerimony or day to day life and call the atention to those that only saw latex as fetish clothes that a nice, shiny latex gown can be, not only sensual and provocative but also elegant and charming.

So in the next months AtaMe will redo many of our creations giving them more quality, create gowns and pret a porter with other materials then just latex and, who knows, warp all this new creations with a brand new store, yes from time to time I get tired of the store and have to toss all down and make all new :)... can you say a word for me to Mr. clock and stop it for a bit.. I need time, time, time....

Lots of work coming, that will be suported by the love we put into all we do. Counting on that love I am winking at St. Valentine giving him the first of the non latex designs of AtaMe: Red Queen of Hearts.

A red, incredibly sexy, gown with a top totally worked with hearts that fall down the hip and follow warping around the leg. Also with a skirt that's secured by a heart structure, leaving the hip free and naked in a touch of total seduction.

Hope you enjoy it and happy Valentine's day :)