Thursday, 6 November 2014

Ice & Water, to meet your fantasy needs

Could not resist to the combination of the strong metal work with the softness of the lace.
The inspiration for the entire outfit came from that stunning hammer that is sheathed at the back and that look like comes right out of a lord of the rings or some similar fantasy movie like Narnia.

Loved it, had to incorporate it at my creations and make a stunning warrior dress to go with it.
The result is... breath taking, if I can say so myself.
The thing is.... I absolutely adore it, and I think many of you will agree with me :)

 To get yours is simple: Jump to our main store in world, or go to our marketplace page and buy it from there.

Vera, daring, sexy and mysterious

Vera is sexy, is daring and the mask gives it that special touch of mystery.

Is impossible to ignore it and the latex version of AtaMe, has the richness of the shines in a bundle of colours and an attractive price.

Plus, we added a half mask to it, also with a shiny texture resembling a bit the Phantom of the Opera stile.

Come fast to our shop and check the colours available, I am sure you will find one that you prefer most, or maybe you can't really resist and have them all.

You know the way for AtaMe or if you prefer a more fast and calm way of shopping, have a look at our marketplace.

Dolly, because crochet is damn sexy

Again, we slipped to the classic sexy gowns stile. But as always with the twist mega sexy look typical of AtaMe designs. 

Dolly is a black crochet long dress with a top that covers just what it needs to, in a twirl of show and hide game.

The dress comes with optional neck collar and arms bands so you can chose your look as it pleases you most.

This is a classic oldie dress with simple layers and flexi prims, with WowMeh, Lolas, and Phat Azz appliers.

As usual you can get yours at our main store in world or at our marketplace page, with option of trying a demo first.

The first Gacha from AtaMe

I could not resist the Gacha *fever*!!

Yeap, and because of that, I had to make a Gacha item for AtaMe.

The name is Talena and consists in an warrior outfit with an amazing short dress, made of metallic mesh and leather, high boots made in leather, a breath taking sword, plus laurel head piece and arm bands.
As an extra, the outfit comes with layer pants in case you think the dress is too revealing for your role play.

The sword is the Ultra Rare Item and the brown dress is the rare one. 
Each turn at the Gacha costs 75 L and you can find the machine at our main store.

If you don't want to try your luck and prefer to get everything right away you have the option of buying the entire pack at our market place page