Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mmmmmmm is Sugared Latex

Directly from one of the kinkiest pages of the Three Musketeers, Victoria Sugar is highly palatable. Clear latex, straps that tighten the waist and add a nice detail around the neck, a hat topped with a feather and breasts on display, are the main attractions of this Victorian dress.

Picture by Donnatella Calamari
So.... which side are you? Ready to unsheath your sword and defend yourself from predators who fail to resist your sensual curves, wrapped in the sweetest rubber, relegating them to their place, prostrated on their knees to beg forgiveness ..... Or succumb to fire of greedy hands, demanding to explore your breasts without asking permission, beginning a journey where your senses will be burning to the surface?

Truth is that Victoria do not let anyone indifferent. Presenting in this picture it's most sweetest version... a cocktail of vodka and vanilla ice cream ... A real temptation that you can find at ~AtaMe~ or at our page on SL Marketplace, as allways, do not forget, you have to enable adult content.

Price: 600L