Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MEGA summer present from AtaMe

Our new group gift is at the store for you to grab.

Is a MEGA pack of 12 bandeau top made of different textures.

You can find light summer fabric, leather, fur and of course latex.

The entire pack is freee yess free for those that are already at our group, for all the rest there is a joining fee of 50 lindens. Nothing really, to get this amazing gift, and besides when the balance of the group reach an amount that can be divided for all group members, everyone gets a part... Yes is true and you don't need to Im me to say there is something wrong, the joining fee is just to make the gifts even more special for all those that are loyal to us.

Come get your free at our main store, if you are already a group member, or come join our group for great presents. This is the perfect time for it, the fee is at its lowest rate :))

Bite Me!!!

A pirate once again?? Yes!! A pirate once again :)))

I have to say, the name of the outfit wasn't to be this one, but when everything was done and I was taking the shoots for the ad, Bite Me!! came to my mind right away...

The outfit is fierce, vintage, daring and hellll sexy, the bots completed by the sexy flowery silk stockings give that special look to the entire piece.

Doesn't matter if you are a pirate, outlaw, wench.... you will look AMAZING with this one..

To get it you only need to come to our store In World, or to our marketlace store.


And the Pirates came....

Some time now that AtaMe became a brand with a wider range of designs. Even if latex keeps being our start product, we like to make some other things between normal wear and also RP outfits.

This time we headed the RP path and piraty they are!!

Three dresses with Captain hat, same design, different textures, always HUGE quality.

Check for yourself and then go to our main store IN World or to our Marketplace store and get yours...