Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mandala, the newest design from AtaMe at the 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN

Heads up you all!!

This Saturday you will have the incredible opportunity of finding many great creations at the price of 24L. 

Yes... you read correctly... 24L. It's the *24H x 24L HOURS OPEN* event and at AtaMe you will find, not only this cute bodysuit for 24L as you will find the subscriber that will give you a list with all the stores participating.

But..... check out the pic of the outfit and more detailed info bellow :D

---------------- 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN --------------- 

- What is 24hx24L? 
It's the event where you can find many creative Designs-Outfits-Objects at only 24 Lindens for 24 hours.
- How does 24hx24L work?
Every Friday at 24 pm (SL time) you will find in each of the Stores an Ouftit-Design-Object for just 24L and it will remain at that incredible price for 24 hours, until 24 pm on Saturday.
- How can I know which stores are participating and what things are they offering?
You have two ways to do it.
1. You can subscribe to the event panel you'll find here or at participating stores each week:
With this option you will receive a weekly notice informing of participating stores & designs, it is not necessary to join the group.
2. You can join the 24hx24L GROUP here:
secondlife:///app/group/f02019ae-e363-997d-1a4a-2b31232f96cd/about (Copy & Paste this link in your chat history to Join the 24H x 24L HOURS OPEN GROUP)
With this option, in addition to receiving the list, you will receive notices of various participating stores, their deals and releases.
You can always join the Facebook Group here: to follow us offline.
You decide what suits you best!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

She Huntress, when women go hunting...

A long skirt made of soft fur, combined with the bra, is the perfect outfit for those fierce women that hunt at the forests. 
At their waist they carry leather straps with few items that could be handy: a short dagger, a coin's pouch, some pins and even a slingshot to catch that stubborn bird that doesn't want to end in a plate as barbecue :P
The arms are warped with more leather straps, giving that extra touch to the general look of this feisty woman.

Just grab a bow or a spear, and there you go... ready for whatever challenge you need to face... the weak ones will run in fear and the strong ones will fall at your feet, dazzled by the power that comes from your presence. 

The skirt is mesh and comes in three sizes, the top is normal layer and also comes with lolas appliers.
Belt, accessories and arms straps are sculpt and have recizing script.

A different design with realistic textures that you can find at our main store in world or at marketplace.