Monday, 16 July 2012

Victoria - a burlesque outfit made of latex

Victoria was a line I made like three years ago, and for the time was something quite innovating. But time passed and things evolved on SL. And so are we!!
As you all know I am picking some designs I think are worth and renewing them. Now was Victoria time: the system skirt is gone and at it's place I put some tinny shorts. The texture of the prim skirt was changed too and the shines at the entire outfit were remade. The pasties disappeared to give place to a bra and also the hat had some new shines. The result is a pretty changed outfit but still with that burlesque look that defined Victoria.

For now only the black version is out for sale, I took off the red and sugared pink ones so that I can make some improvements on those too. They will be available as soon as possible.

Meanwhile check out the transformation on Victoria Black, and come to the store grab the transfer option or to the MP if you prefer it with copy permissions.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soooo hot it melts all around!!!!

For all of you that known AtaMe for some time, you will remember the "Strap" dress. One of our best sellers, loved and hated at the same time.

The kinky design of the dress along with it's elegance made it loved by fetish community, but, to have this design it needed a system skirt, with all the down side of it.

Many of my costumers suggested me to do a cat version of this dress and.. I did :D
it keeps the same design but the skirt disappears to give place to some tight pants always with the buckles and the straps and naked butt.

The price is the same of the dress so now you can chose between them both. 

The original version with the system skirt will stay for sale too. Call me sentimental :P but I can't take it out. Besides... I still think it has it's charm if you go more for the idea of the design and don't bother so much with the system skirt.

However, I came out with another dress for this version. Covered the lower part of the straps at the back of the legs and added a flexi prim latex skirt coming out with a sexy fetish gown.
Shiny and tight to the body as latex should be, warping you in a gown that will make you look like a million dollars latex Goddess. 

And that's it for today. The summer is here and the days are brighter, take advantage of it and make life good!!!

Have a great day, hugs... Milu

July's group gift - Disco Fever Aquamarine

The third and last of Disco collection and, I must admit it, my favorite.
I was having a true creation crisis when I sat to create this month's group gift, had no ideas.. everything I was doing wasn't good enough, almost punched the comp...
But.. somehow... I pulled the fabric here and there and the idea for this short dress started to get shape. Step by step it was appearing before my eyes and I was loving it. 
After, I didn't even notice time passing and before I could realize Aquamarine was ready and soooooo cute :)

And you know what you have to do to get it: just come to our store in world, activate your group tag, or join AtaMe's group in case your not in it already, and click the display.
This gift is transferable, so heads up guys, a very nice gift you have here, your chance to make an excellent figure and for free ;) 

Have a great day all :D 

Bring me to life

I know.... I know..... during a lonnnggg time AtaMe's name was just associated with latex. Now we have diamond gowns, casual wear dresses as gifts and ermmm gorean outfits???

Well if "Bring me to life" is a gorean outfit or not, will depend on the user. To me is a dress created with nature as inspiration. That primitive feeling of bare feet on moisten grass and dirt. The aroma of fresh woods after a rainy night, natural materials that would allow us to get dressed... and so much more....
A return to innocence to our primitive instincts, to the most original state of mind...

A unique and original creation for those that like special designs.

And according to my costumers feedback is very wearable and demands for no editing time the two sizes flexi prim skirts makes it possible to fit properly as soon as you wear it.

Have a good day all and remember...... make life good!!!!!