Monday, 19 November 2012

Luna renewed

Was about time that I put my hands at Luna and do the changes I was wanting to do for so long... what was the problem??? same old same: system skirt :|

Yeah that thing that most people complaint that makes their butt look HUGE.

Could have done it in mesh?? yush... but this humble friend of yours is still eye measuring that freaky thing (have to learn it from scratch .. but.. I WILL :P)

While me and mesh are still choosing weapons, I have to pull my creativity and make old outfits look the best with the tools I have. Sooooooo... Luna's system skirt is gone and the outfit turned into a stunning white latex gown with hood, very slavish. 

The gag comes with the outfit, full perms and free, as the will stated by the maker at the time she put her things available to everyone.

Hope you like the new look of Luna and have fun with it :)

My Poison

This time I have for you two colors of the same outfit. A cute dress with stockings and short gloves that would make you look like a sweet doll if.... if wasn't the gas mask :P

This mask gives this design that wicked look turning you into an enigma for everyone else... Perfect I would say ^^

The mask comes with breath sound animations and steam effects and has also a resizing script that you can delete after you are done with the fitting.

The balloon skirt is a mix of sculpt prim and flexi prim: the sculpt for latex and flexi for the lace ruffles to give that light and movement effect.

As always you can have this outfit either copy or transfer depending on your preference: copy, if you buy it on marketplace and transfer if you tp to our store inworld. Either way, is an outfit with AtaMe's quality :) 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Elle Aquamarine, just for group members

As previously announced, members of AtaMe's group, now and then, will have a surprise just for them.

And here's the first one: Elle Aquamarine. A long, baby blue gown, very elegant and sexy. 

So, this month, those that didn't join the group yet, will find a joining fee, roughly, the price the dress will be once the promotion is over. Next month the fee will return to it's usual value of 15L.

Hope you like it :))