Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Collection ... All for FREE :)

Got your attention?? :)

I just made a collection of 5 bikinis, well at the beginning was to be just 4, but then I couldn't resist the colour combination of one of them :)

The best thing is, during August, they are all up to grab for free. Yes you read right, FREEEE, just different ways to get them.

So let me start by telling you how..

First.. a bundle of three

~AtaMe~ Retro Feeling
~AtaMe~ More then Candy
~AtaMe~ Read me a line

All of them are free for group members :)


~AtaMe~ Dot, dot, dot...

This one will be given to you as you enter the store, is an exclusive for Fashioncentric: the orange board also at the entrance. Just don't forget to give us a rank.. be gentle and give a 5 stars one ;)you know we will sort things for you if you have problems at the store :)

Third and final, but not least

~AtaMe~ Ice Cream Delight

This one you will be able to get if you join the D2B Hunt. The sign is at the entrance of our store at the patio close to the fountain and there all the info you need

SOOOOOO now tell me what are you waiting for??

Click the link and come to our store get your goodies and don't forget to show us some love with a nice 5 stars note :D

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Xendra so sexy you have to have it!!

I know... 
latex too :)

Lately I've been turning myself to Role Play creation and had some of my latex costumers asking if I stop creating latex. Answer is NO!! But some how I was needing this new creative insight.

Good thing is, some of the designs I have in my mind for role play can be easily used with latex too, and I must say I am pretty happy with the result I got with Xendra. 

At the role play area you have two options, Black and White leather outfits with chain collar and belt. A mix between sexy and fierce that results perfectly.

The latex version comes in Black and Red, I tried to make it white latex, but haven't found the right proportion to make the shines look realistic on white, so to have something out that doesn't look perfect to me, I prefer to not do it.

BUT..... the red one came out soooo yummyyy... *grins*

Come by to AtaMe's store in world, or to the marketplace and grab the one you like most... or... all of them :)


Mandala full outfit, the promo item of Di'Jan Line

After we made the Mandala for 24h/24l event, I knew I had to add something else to this outfit and make it available for all our costumers. So I created some leg warmers and cute bangles to complete the look, joined a dagger to hide at the warmers and be ready for use, and there we go...

A simple fur outfit for every panther that likes to look good without empty your wallet, Mandala can be yours for only 99 L and with all the quality you are used to get at AtaMe.