Monday, 28 April 2014

Mix of lace and latex, what else can be more sexy??

A new set of lingerie extremely sexy, made for elegant women, secure of them self and that know they have the world at their hands.
The bustier is made of mesh, but all the rest are regular layers.

easy to wear, easy to shine :)

You can get your Lush outfit at our main store inworld or at our page on Marketplace

Friday, 18 April 2014

A Vintage feeling

Another version of Mame, just because is a stunning dress. This time very far from the kink feeling of latex or bdsm clothe. Is lace, sexy, elegant romantic lace. Nice for a night out or for that wedding, bridesmaid or bridal itself. Hard to resist and the price!!!! 

Come get it at our main store in world or at our marketplace page.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lone the latex fashion for him

And for all those guys out there that love their latex here is lone.

A long jacket, pants and boots at a stunning price. All for him :)

You can get it at AtaMe main store in world or at our market place page

Put the blame on Mame....

Oh yes.. put the blame on Mame because this woman can cause earth quakes where ever she goes.

The dress comes in two amazing sexy versions and is really hard to chose just one :)

As always you can find it at our main store or, if you prefer, at our market place store

Janna Honney AtaMe Group Gift

Honney was the texture chosen to put as gift to all our amazing costumers and loyal friends. 

If you are a group member just TP to the store and get yours, if not, you will have to pay a small fee to join. But is worth as we always have stunning gifts and the fees pay to the group are divided among group members :)


Janna and she Roarssss

Janna is a collection for our RP line. Seven different textures for better suit your preferences. And the price is also great.

Go get one, or all of them at our main store In Wolrd or at our store at Market place.

Because you need something special

Irony is a two pieces metal outfit with a special kink detail at the corset and stunning texture.

You can buy it at our store in World or at our market place.