Wednesday, 24 October 2012

AtaMe at Dark Refuge fetish fashion week

Yesterday I was surprised with a very uncommon IM. Cosma Ferina sent me a SOS. She was hosting a huge fetish event at her club, the Dark Refuge, and at the last minute one of her sponsors had to jump off. So she asked me if I would like to join... off courseeeeee!! :))

So here I am.. here is AtaMe.. tonight at one of the most, if not the older, club on SL: 5 years... what a victory for any club on SL :)

Tonight you can give a jump there and try to win one of the three costumes AtaMe gave for this event, and at the end of the week there will be a mega fashion event with tons of fetish cool things too see. 

You are all invited!!!!

Hope to see you there.

Hugs, Milu

Liquid latex for him

For him??? Yes for him.... I hear all the time: "there's not enough clothes for guys on SL.... creators forget about us..." and so on .. so on.. I have them complaining.. whining . ripping their hair off...  LOl.. joking... well kind off :P

but yes is true, there are TONS of things for women and not that much for guys. So I decided to give it a try.. am feeling brave.. yush :)

So starting I present you the male version of our liquid latex outfit, the special for halloween. Hope you all like it.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cursed!!! for halloween.. but not only....

Few weeks ago I saw a video about liquid latex and was dazzled by it. Took note of the site where the video was, put a link for it on our FB page and made mental note, would do something inspired by that later.

Days passed and I was tossing and turning to decide what to create for halloween. Wanted something a bit different from all that orange and witch things seen all over, something that would be spooky and sexy at the same time... but... what??

That's when the image of liquid latex came to my mind again... black... had to be black... and all those drippings at the body.. like paint, face too... (start imagining someone pouring it on you?? hehe).... then the paint drying and turning in to rubber, like a second skin, adjusting perfectly to the body curves...

Well sounded perfect.. not only I would do a nice halloween outfit as I would give latex lovers something they could use other days, and not needing to buy a halloween outfit and have their money stuck just for that day :P

And I really liked the effect .. think this will be the first of some liquid latex designs. Hope you like it too and grab yours at our main store or marketplace :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Femdom Hunt III

The third Femdom Hunt starts tonight and I am pretty sure some are looking at the clock threatening it, trying to make time run faster :)

At AtaMe we just finished to box the last items and pretty soon will put it in place.

The hunt is an adult-themed hunt which, as the name implies, is aimed at the Second Life Femdom community.

Basicly, female Dommes and female and male subs will be chasing the gifts... and hardly any of them have common interest in the clothes :P sooo.. decisions, decisions.. how to make it fun for everyone???

Well.... plain simple... making gifts for all of them :)

So yes!! We do have three different boxes at the shoe, no, not christmas yet... the shoe is the object, chosen by the organisation, that you have to find to get your gift :) 

And talking about the hunt organization.... during all this past month they were unbeatable checking everything and making sure things would work right. I do congrat them for the excellent work :)

The Femdom Hunt III will run from October 12th to October 29th, inclusive,and you can check all about it at the official blog.

For now.. just have a look of what AtaMe prepared for the event, hope you all enjoy it :)

Have a awesome day and don't forget to make life great :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Two cat suits as gift this October

Zhari line was born due to a suggestion of one of AtaMe's costumers. Every now and then I have a nice surprise with Ims saying nice stuff about the store and the designs, and it really feels great!! So I thank you all :)

But not only, with some of those messages I also get some nice suggestions. And Zhari Line was one of those: a cat suit that allows you, not only to wear your favourite latex, but also show your wonderful back tattoo... what about that?? ^^

And even better... this two cat suits: red and black, are this month group gift. So during this month you get to wear your latex, show your back tattoo and have two cat suits for FREE... something else you need?? (hum.... yes we have cakes and tea and goodies served at the store, nice view too :P)

Enough babbling... I leave you the pic of October's gift and a "limo" to the store :) 

Have fun, and make life good :)